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Below is just a snapshot of some of the exhibitions available on Extra.
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Da Vinci - The Genius
Da Vinci - The Genius

Large scale machine inventions, many interactive, crafted by modern day Artisans in Italy. The machines are based on the Artisan’s meticulous and lengthy studies into Leonardo’s codices
Facsimiles of a fascinating collection of codices
Life & times of Leonardo da Vinci presentation
Leonardo’s mysterious alphabet & writing technique
Reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci’s amazingly accurate and detailed anatomical drawings
Reproductions of the Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Renaissance artwork in actual size
The Battle of Anghiari preparatory drawings
The famous Vitruvian Man image and explanation in a world exclusive 3D animation
The Last Supper 3D animation projected in actual size
The creation of the Mona Lisa 3D animation
The great Sforza horse sculpture 3D animation
Educational programs – primary and secondary levels
Leonardo da Vinci Documentary
Audio tour
Leonardo da Vinci merchandise shop

These fabulous works are beautifully supported by written explanations of Vincian experts and Museum Curators, each with over 25 years experience.

Creepy Crawly - you are NEVER alone
Creepy Crawly - you are NEVER alone

At the Experimentarium’s special exhibition, CreepyCrawly – you are NEVER alone, you can experience the creepy crawly lives that go on around you, on top of you and inside of you.

A Family Story - In the Age of the Mammoths
A Family Story - In the Age of the Mammoths

The exhibition "A Family Story – In the Age of the Mammoths" is a small exhibition featuring the most important nucleus of the paleontological patrimony of the world-famous Sevsk Colletion: six completely re-assembled mammoth skeletons of different ages, all belonging to one family group and representing the only well documented growth series of baby mammoths of “Mammuthus Primigenius”. Although conceived for small exhibition venues, the exhibition is of large impact and incomparable paleontological and scientific value.

Techniquest Classics
Techniquest Classics

Bernoulli Blower, Blacker than Black, Colour Takeaway, Vocal Wonders,
Packing Parcels, Design a Tree, Keyhole Cross, Hyperbolic Slot, Vocal Vowels, Paper Chromatography, Soft Soma Cube, Balancing Broomsticks, Motion & Camouflage, Flying Mirror, Rainstick + 5 others.

The Science of Navigation - from the Ancient Mariner to the Moons of Galileo
The Science of Navigation - from the Ancient Mariner to the Moons of Galileo

This very original exhibition traces developments in the history of navigation - sea or stars - from the ancient mariner to the scientific discoveries of Galileo navigating the solar system, with a special focus on the “navigational techniques” that have evolved over the ages in different cultures.